2017 so far has been a practice in listening deeply. Sometimes those messages I have really liked and some I have wanted to ignore. BUT when I am willing to listen and have my actions come from that communication… Powerful.

Have you been hearing and/or heeding those messages? The ones from deep within? The main message this year has been…

Honor the sacred within and without. 

So I was led to pick back up playing the guitar after a decade long break. Each time I play and sing, I feel really good. Like even though there are emails to return, writing to be done and work that I could do, I am heeding that inner voice calling to connect to my joy and signaling to the universe I am ready to breath and honor my connection to all.

My body asked me for a slower pace and deeper practices. I started to meditate more in the morning and created a slow down ritual at night before bedtime. Overall I have slept more deeply and dreamed so vividly that I have felt grateful that dreamtime has become another profound way for me to connect to the sacred.

Then I started to get a tug about writing a book. It hadn’t felt necessarily like taking care of me so I hadn’t followed the tug. Then I was sitting on the plane for 4 hours last weekend. The tug was loud and insistent. SO I wrote out a book outline. After I hit save and sat back, I had this surge of peace. The book will be a way for me to share my insight about the practical application of intuition in daily life which is honoring the connection I have to the sacred.

My learning this year has been about cultivating a balance between the space of being receptive (open for receiving messages and connection) and being in action (get things done and move things forward). What has emerged is the power of sacred. Taking time to create space to connect with the sacred.

How has 2017 been emerging for you so far?

Have you had a new awakening or awarenesses about your path?

I would love to invite you to ponder your own “Sacred”. Certainly sacred is a very personal term. For you to define it will require some exploration, if it isn’t already already defined for you. For some, Sacred can illicit the quiet of a house of praise with bowed head in prayer. While for others Sacred can bring to mind savasana at the end of a yoga class. For me Sacred is about simplicity and connection. I have found being in nature, playing my guitar, doing yoga, walking and meditating to all be very sacred time for me. In those moments of sacred connection, my intuition has permission to speak with me while I am not distracted. I have also found that I can do very mundane things with a context of “Sacred” and when I do it brings peace of mind, clearer thinking and greater joy. So what about you?

How do you define Sacred? Right now is a perfect time to look and check in. Try these questions to help you inquire more deeply:

  1. What is Sacred to me? Is it a certain place, activity or mood?
  2. How do I create connection to the Sacred?
  3. What does connecting to the Sacred provide for me {mentally, emotionally and phsycially}?
  4. What could I add into my life to have that Sacred space?

Thanks for reading!