Happy Halloween

pumpkinI love Halloween!

First thing this morning I saw a Zombie buying milk at 7-11. Then I saw a sexy kitten sipping her a latte (meow). A pilgrim served me lunch and my neighbor was painting her grandson’s face.

costumesThere is a sense of mischief and freedom. I remember spending months trying to figure out what I would wear. I loved dressing up. And now? I have a blast watching people running around town in awesome costumes. From the outrageous to the simple. I love the permission of expression that people give themselves and their children on Halloween.

So What’s your costume this year?
(Or the one you would like to wear but won’t or didn’t)
What does your costume give you permission to express?

embraceYour inner dork? Dressing as a geek or mad scents. Any part of you that is a bit embarrassing that you prefer to keep hidden? We get to let it out.

Your bad-ass self? Hello Ninja vampire or superhero. We get to be fearless for one night. No concern for being considered arrogant. What’s your superpower?

What would it be like if we let our inner self outside more often than Halloween?

beyourselfIt would be awesome. We probably wouldn’t don capes more often right?! We might call ourselves “damn sexy”. We might go ahead and perform our flash mob of “one”. We So let’s do it!!

ladyLet’s leave our one of A kind, unique imprint on the planet!

Join me okay! —->

And Happy Halloween.might even… the possibilities are endless.