Just last week I drank lumpy milk. Didn’t think to check.
Didn’t think to sniff. Nope just took a big old swig.

After I spit it into the sink, I thought – Oops sure didn’t use my intuition on that one?

Have you ever done something really silly and thought where the heck was my intuition then?

You know that moment right after something you didn’t necessarily see coming sorta smacked you in the face. As though you can stop every car accident, not trusting every person lying, or 100% of the time avoid signing a bad contract.

Let me tell you drinking lumpy milk is embarrassing enough, but a couple weeks after that, I actually drove away while a gas nozzle was still attached to my car. Luckily no big deal. Just stopped got out of the car picked it up and put it back onto the pump. But I am a professional intuitive. Psychic. Shouldn’t I be able to predict everything? No.

Having things not go according to plan including small to large breakdowns doesn’t mean anything about your intuitive abilities. Believe me. I should know.

When I sat down in my office to share about the gas station and sour milk, I thought about what I really wanted to say. I got still and asked, “what is the message really?” I heard…

Silly psychic! Intuition isn’t about being perfect or having all the answers.

A helpful reminder. Intuition gives us powerful insight about ourselves and others. Recognizing intuitive nudges and following them brings a simplicity and richness to life. But intuition doesn’t take away all future potential life breakdowns. Intuition is a tool. But being psychic is not being perfect.

I was with a client recently. For this article we will call her Elle, she is one of my intuitive development clients. She was frustrated because her relationship had just ended after a year. I asked her if she was upset about more than the relationship ending. She said “yes. My intuition doesn’t work. I have learned nothing in the 4 months we have been working together.”

After some conversation, what I could see is that she thought her intuition should have warned her about the upcoming breakup. Given her a heads up or a way to avoid the relationship ending. She is not unique in that. I have heard other clients wonder – Why did my intuition fail? Where were my spirit guides when I needed them? What could I have done differently so this didn’t happen?

I must be doing it wrong.

It is so easy for us to judge ourselves when things in life don’t go smoothly. Don’t forget lumpy milk and gas station incident. We can feel like huge failures. The funny part is we forget the joy of practicing being present and all the ways our intuition has worked.

Elle had forgotten the guidance that had led her to the great new job she had. I reminded her of that and that her intuition is a tool she is learning how to use.

Right then, I had her go into a light meditative state. Anytime you are upset I recommend going into a meditative state. Quiet the mind so they stop magnifying or silencing the emotions. She connected to her guides and got quiet for a moment. Her intuition had certainly not abandoned her. In the space of meditation she was restored to love.

After she came out of meditation, she said that she had been too busy asking, “how can I fix this [relationship]” that she had not thought to ask, “does this relationship truly serve him or I?” She admitted to me that she had been working really hard on making the relationship work. It was her fear of it ending that drove how she used the tool of her intuition. In the space of presence, she was able to really listen to her inner voice and recognize how fear skewed the answers she got.

I have been studying intuition for years. And I drank lumpy milk and will likely do it again. I ran a red light and just knew that I was going to get a ticket, but I didn’t. My phone rings often and I have no idea who it is. When my husband proposed, I was completely surprised.

So what is there to learn from Lumpy Milk, Gas Station nozzle get away and my client Elle?

Don’t forget your victories in the face of the failures. Remember intuition is a tool to guide you. The intuitive development is a path of exploration; Louis & Clarke didn’t always know where they were going either. Life is filled with opportunities to be surprised so don’t be surprised if life well if life surprises you. Oh and always check the expiration date on milk.