Have you ever been in a bad mood that no matter what you do that you can’t seem to shake it?

You go exercise. Still irritable.

So you unplug and take a bath. Still feel annoyed at people.

Have an iced latte. Still feel exhausted even though you slept well last night.

Try this question next time you notice a bad mood sticking around –

“Does this belong to me?”

Heads Up – What you are feeling or experiencing in your body may not always be yours.

Remember everything is made up of energy. Your body sometimes – mood, physical sensation, and even your thoughts are effected by the energy you have taken on. So that bad mood that doesn’t want to let go. It very well may not belong to you.

Try tapping into your intuition to check in.

Remember that our intuition is connected to our curiosity and can be activated by asking ourselves questions. If you feel sick, sad, or tired (or emotionally drained), ask “Is this mine? Or does this belong to someone else?” When it is yours, check and ask your body what it needs.

If your feel, know, hear, or get that it is someone else, say

“Return to sender with love (consciousness, grace, compassion etc.)”

Then jump around a little. I like to flick my hands like I have just washed them and don’t have a towel. Imagine that the energy that doesn’t belong to you is like water flying off and evaporating.

We have an inner wisdom that is at our fingertips to be accessed when we take the time and ask the right questions.

I hope this helps. Remember it next time you feel like road raging at someone driving badly or feel sad for literally no apparent reason or just feel tired even though you are sleeping well and have done yourself care thang.