Each time I step out of my usual daily life to travel I am struck by the privilege it is. I did not always have the means and ability to travel. For a little while I was traveling quite frequently and started to take the opportunity for granted. Then 2020 changed everything for everyone related to well everything. For me especially travel.

So now I do my best to experience travel like I did when I had done very little. Each time was a surprise, discovery, opportunity for gratitude, and expanding my connection to nature.

Arriving on the big island yesterday (Hawaii), I was disoriented. We left our house in Denver at 5:45am. It was dark outside and 34 degrees. I hadn’t slept well the night before and felt a lil grouchy. Then we proceeded to travel all day and finally arrived in Kona at 3:30pm HT (6:30pm MT). It was along long day. I was feeling a lil Zombie like last night.

So remembering my practice I went for a run to try to get rid of the cobwebs in my brain and just get into my body. I didn’t feel like I had fully arrived.

So there I was head down and running. Then I came around a corner and this was my view. Wowsers.

In that moment, I just arrived. I sunk in to my body and got present. I realized that my body was disoriented because it went on big old journey flying through time and space yesterday. My brain was all confused about what time it is and why is it so warm. How much air there is to breath 98 feet above sea level compared to 5280 feet in Denver. I applied some gentleness and compassion for my cells, my brain, my heart, my energetic field orienting to my new surroundings.

Then I breathed in fully and exhaled entirely. The people’s energy from the plane. Sitting all day. Breathing air only indoors all day. The feelings of rushing and having somewhere to be for 12 straight hours.

My hands relaxed. My shoulders relaxed. My brain quieted. And I noticed so much beauty! I the gorgeous mountain you can see out in the distance. I took in volcanic rock everywhere, flowering bougainvillea, plumeria, hibiscus, I could see palm trees swaying in the breeze, and could smell the ocean. So much beauty.

I hope that you can have a moment of arrival. In this moment, in your body, in the physical place you are. Being present is so magical and so are you.