This is one of my life’s mottos. But it wasn’t always. I used to be someone who “stuck it out no matter what.” Someone that put everyone else’s needs above her own. I didn’t always have my own back and even prided myself on my people-pleasing ways.

But then, I healed a heap of shit.

-Childhood wounds
-Judgements of myself
-Judgements of others
-Not “good enough”
-Being or feeling too much
-Having too many opinions
-Having so many words and thoughts
-Being bossy
-On and on and on

This healing didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t linear. I believe healing happens in a spiral versus a ladder. The old patterns will come up again and again as the lesson is learned and more pain is released each time we experience the situation or person that triggers our old wounds.

There is no perfectly healed place to get to. No top of the ladder where you can shout to the world, “That’s it, I’ve done it! I’m a perfectly healed person! Yay me!” It’s a spiral of steps leading upwards (and sometimes backward) toward our most aligned, divine self.