Do you ever wish when you are confused or uncertain about what to do that you could just get instant guidance that was direct and simple to understand. You are not alone. It is actually one of the most common desires I hear when training others. I have a simple solution though. Buy yourself one of these:

Magic 8 Ball

Not Familiar. Curious? Wikipedia Page

Put one on your desktop. Carry one in your purse. Have one in your car. Before you make any decision whatsoever use it. Simply ask a yes–no question. The Magic 8 Ball aptly names will magically reveal an instant, simple, and to the point answer. Such as:

Reply hazy, try again.

Outlook not so good.

Signs point to yes.

Yes, I am an absolute smart ass. Why would I suggest that you get a few Magic 8 Balls? Because I know it is tempting to want instant answers. I get it. You might have been waiting for the moment in the future where your connection to your intuition is so clear that you get those instant answers. Like you have a Magic 8 Ball in your pocket. Intuition is not a tool for answers that satisfy our evidence driven, logical brain or justify our feelings. Though sometimes our intuitive gifts help us validate what we know to be true or settle the feelings we have been having, it has a much bigger potential use than that.

My point in poking a little fun is to remind you to keep at it. Trust me there are no shortcuts as good as you connected to your inner wisdom. 28 years later I feel comfortable saying that with absolute conviction. Intuitive decision making becomes more second nature, easier, and clearer to understand when we are connected to our unique gifts and practice using them. Don’t give up. Below are some pointers of common frustrations when you are practicing.

  1. Not Clear What Intuition Is Versus Just Your Brain or Ego? Please remember that depending on how your intuition works, answers can arrive in different ways. It takes practice to receive messages. Find tools that help you. I love Intuitive Journaling.
  2. Getting Mixed Messages – Not being able to decipher the messages you get can be frustrating. Not a big deal. Try asking your question in a slightly different way. For example instead of asking “Should I ______ [take the job, go on the date, rent this place]” try asking “Does _____ align with the future I desire?” Notice how the first question is an ‘answer’ related one. The second is about getting insight.
  3. Intuition comes inconsistently – With regular practice (aka tapping in everyday) your intuition will become louder and that internal noise (opinions, judgements, and your brain) will get quieter. The messages will be clearer. Your trust will be greater and the whole thing will seem more natural.

So, if you want instant answers buy that Magic 8 Ball. But if you want to have a powerful tool to help you navigate every part of your life with greater ease, trust yourself and develop your intuitive gifts.