Read an article about the % of people in the US who are chronically tired. They sited too much screen time, proximity to EMFs, improper nutrition, inadequate exercise, lack of stress management and so on as the sources of chronic tiredness outside of disease. Here are my two cents about this epidemic of chronic tiredness…

Our souls (aka spirits) are tired and malnourished.  They want for the places, experiences, or things that fill them up. Ever had a time where you are getting hardly any sleep, but felt wildly energized all day anyway. Ever wondered why that was.

Have you been dealing with any Blahness or a chronic tiredness?  Your soul might be hungry. Given how 2020 went, you are not alone in that experience. Ready to explore.

At the very core of your being free from personality, those pesky defense mechanisms, past trauma, ingrained habits, rules of society is Your Soul. It is connected to all that is possible and when your soul is nourished, you feel alive. Life experiences sometimes have us change who we are. Your soul might be curious to learn while your personality might be driven to know. Subtle difference. However, the difference can be quite huge when looking at what feeds your soul versus what gets you ahead in life. Case in point. Reading all about how the brain works gets me super excited. I love learning new things and then applying them right away. But after I have read 80 pages, I don’t feel more connected to myself or delighted or more alive. However, I feel accomplished. Exploring a new place also gets me excited. A very similar experience as learning something new. But.. exploring and discovering something while in motion fills me up. I feel more alive and connected to myself after. Do you have a similar experience?

To really understand what feeds your soul, you might have to extend your memory back to a time when you lived more instinctually (childhood) and granted yourself full freedom of expression without all the rules, guidelines, and limitations of fitting in.

Now to begin take a moment and close your eyes. Take some slow, deep, cleansing breaths (in through the nose and out through the mouth). When you are ready, say within to yourself (or out loud if that feels good) – I am ready to embrace and nourish my soul. I am ready for the transformation that occurs when I feel alive and connected. Here I go.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Recognizing what feeds your Soul:

  1. What kind of activities leave you truly feeling alive and nurtured? i.e. camping, long walks, making art, wiggling naked toes in the grass, dancing your butt off at a hopping night spot, hiking, reading (get specific what kind of books), being creative (making art, writing etc.).
  2. What kind of environment leave you truly feeling alive and nurtured? for example: in the sun at the beach, mountain top, desert dotted with cacti, jungle with monkeys calling overhead, cafe in the heart of a big city skyscrapers over head 
  3. What in life delights you or helps you feel more alive, and/or supports you when things are challenging?
    1. If it is a “what” take note. For example, you say that walking your dog delights you. Is it about being active in your body that feels great or is it the opportunity to connect with your dog or is it about being outdoors or all the above? Make sense?
    2. If it is a “who” take note. Ask yourself a follow up question – who do you get to be when you are around them? For me being with my hubby delights me and supports me when things are challenging. Who I get to be around him is trusting and open. At a soul level, it is who I am. Make sense?
  4. What are you doing or experiencing or creating when you feel most comfortable in your own skin?

Doing this exercise myself I learned the following:

My soul is fed by :adventure, being creative (this includes cooking, painting, doodling, figuring out what and where to plant things in my yard), loving my people, being in nature (especially when wild life is present I go crazy for birds). My soul is also fed by strong flavors and spicy foods, jewel tones, soft fabrics, digging in the dirt, learning what the names of the trees and flowers are.

Please please please comment what you learn from this exercise. I would love to hear.