Harnessing the FULL MOON VIBES


I am loving Colorado’s crisp autumn mornings, the golden leaves in my yard, and vibing on this weeks’ super juicy full moon ???

You may have heard tons of people talk about how potent a Full moon can be for doing some manifestation work and focusing on some magical intentions. To be clear, the full moon isn’t the only time to do these things, but it gives it that extra Va-Voom. Ya know?!

Here are some ways I like to work with the full moon energy. If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I am happy to help!

You can write out an intention for the next 28 days (an entire moon cycle or longer if you want) then light a candle with a color that corresponds.

  • Blue holds the energy of intentions around health and peace.
  • Orange for manifestations around opportunity like career or financial.
  • Green for intentions about abundance.
  • Pink for self love and Red for romantic love.
  • Yellow candles are great for bringing a lightness of being and restoring joy.
  • If you want to open up your intuition and connection to your guides, Purple is a great color for that.
  • Remember that magic and intention setting is 90% made up of intent. So if all you have at home is a Yankee Candle Company vanilla cinnamon latte candle that is yellow and you wanted to focus on health and peace. Don’t worry about it and light the candle you have with your current intention.

Cleansing and Charge it up TIME!!! Full moon is a great time to set your stones in the window sill to get charged and cleansed. Just know that citrine, kyanite, and selenite don’t require cleansing but still like to suck up the yummy full moon light.?

✍️  Celebration Ceremony! You can do a gratitude journal practice to acknowledge and celebrate all that you have created and received during the last moon cycle (last 28 days). It is a great way to acknowledge mid-way points of our projects and recognize the ‘along the way’ victories we are having.

You can also do a releasing ceremony. Write down all that you don’t want to bring to the next 28 day moon cycle. Then light it on fire. Buh bye unresolved patterns, stuck energies and themes that don’t work.

By the Way… October is one of those months where there are two Full Moons. The second full moon in any month is called a BLUE MOON. So..

October will be gifting us with two full moons. First full moon will be rising by 5pm EST Thursday October 1st as I mentioned. The second full moon a Blue Moon will be rising on Halloween OR Samhain as I know in my spiritual tradition. How spookalicious is that news!!

I love connecting to the powerful moon cycle for deeper connection to myself and cosmos. If you do a ceremony, pretty please send a pic or share on Social and tag me. I would love to celebrate you!!!