Progress is not linear. It is often a combination of fairly small consistent actions usually a clear intention (like the purpose) and a desired outcome (whether it is in the to do something or stop doing something). Then there is a process of learning. Lots of stops and starts. Going back sometimes to the drawing board. Clarification of what the fulfillment of the intention (aka outcome) really looks like. Rinse and repeat until BAM! Goal achieved. Accomplishment reached. Progress can happen. 

Our own personal growth and development is certainly no exception.  I have read self help and new thought Books. I have done personal and professional development courses (20+ years worth). Went to therapy. Learned and have been practicing meditation for many years. Learned a bit about mindfulness. Explored metaphysics and other spiritual knowledge. Participated in two small coaching groups. I have hired multiple business coaches and a few personal coaches. Did I mention that I read a LOT of books? 

Two Questions Clients Ask Me all the Time:  

What is/was the one that really made a difference in your journey? 

What was the one thing that really made a difference? 

I know what they are really asking. They want to know. What is the “one thing?” What coach? What class? What book? What practice? Do I suggest they do cause it will be the thing that makes “the difference” for them?

Truth is I can’t answer that question. 

Each thing that I have learned then changed my beliefs and actions. Who I am now is the result of a combination of all of the shifts, healing, learnings, and transformations that have occurred over time. There just isn’t one thing. It is all the things. Even the things that didn’t work. I learned from those things too. Second, telling someone else what is the one thing that would make a difference for them is pretty presumptive on my part. Even for a psychic. Case in point I took a course in 2000 that blew my damn mind. So like anything I have really liked. I told everyone about it. Some people did it and absolutely loved it. Some did it and were meh about it. A couple did it and absolutely hated it. So who am I to say what your “one thing” should be.

A easier question to ask me (and for me to answer) would be this:

How did you choose which classes or coach or book or practice to try or do since there are just so MANY? 


My intuition.

I have used it all along the way. My knowing. My inner GPS.

My intuition is the one thing that has consistently guided me. Sometimes it led me to the right people. Sometimes it helped me say yes or no to opportunities. Sometimes intuition had me see books practically jump off the shelf. Other times it was a sense to try things. 

If you want to know the one thing that would make a difference in your growth and development, I would suggest developing your intuition. Learn how it works. Practice applying it to your growth. Allow it to help you choose what would best support the intentions you have in life.

Remember progress is not linear. Tapping into my intuition didn’t mean that the pathway to the life I have now was a direct route. Intuition doesn’t remove challenges from life. Intuition also responds to the questions we ask. I sometimes was asking the wrong questions. It is part of the learning.

Intuition can help you navigate growth and challenge.

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