I have a gift for gab. What can I say? I have a lots of words at most times but especially in the am. I wake up and have a million thoughts. Are you like that? Or are you more like my hubby. He likes to have time to move a bit more slowly in the am. He reads and journals. He liked to joke that his allotment of words for the whole day I use in the morning. I might resemble this remark.

There were times in my life that being a people pleaser and an intuitive at the same time made me focus more on listening than having a chance to share my voice. AND… when I did share, I was often very carefully about my words and to deliver them perfectly. As you can imagine, it led to a slight imbalance. I either was intently listening or just verbally vomiting. Bringing that baggage to my relationship, it looked like a lot of words and not enough listening or being too preoccupied with saying the right thing. Instead of just expressing my truth and then easily listening giving my hubby room to express his.

Speaking truth without concern is one half the energy in a balanced throat Chakra. When I began to work with my Throat Chakra (about 5 years ago), I started with the Mantra “I speak my truth without fear”. I learned to hum in my throat to get the energy in my throat to move. I visualized the deep blue within my throat expanding and flowing out. It unlocked for me a way to speak that didn’t require being pleasing all the time. I was able to allow my vision and heart into my words. My ability as an intuitive expanded as I allowed myself to be a pure conduit. When I was with friends, I began to ask for help and receive support. By speaking my truth without fear. I was feeling a lot of freedom.

But… I was only focused on speaking. The Throat Chakra is about communication – which is one part speaking and one part listening. I had opened up my willingness to tell the truth and now I wanted to tell it all the time. Sometimes I found myself inpatient to share my insight, truth or thoughts. So I created a new mantra. “I listen openly.” I practiced breathing and opening myself up when others spoke. I took the time when people spoke to be fully present with them. I could feel the ebb and flow of speaking truth and listening fully.

The results of healing my Throat Chakra could be a very long story. Let me give you 4 simple yet profound shifts I experienced over the last 5 years:

  • Access to my truth – speaking my truth doesn’t mean telling everyone my opinion, thoughts or feelings. It really was about me knowing my truth and being willing to share it.This didn’t mean I had to at every opportunity. For my hubby, it meant me having less words and really wondering what his truth was.
  • Being silent – I thought that opening my throat chakra would mean I talked more than I already did. Inside that energy of truth within and the willingness to share it, I cultivated the ability to be quiet sometimes. It made a huge difference with my hubby and other close friends in my life. Sometimes those we love need NO WORDS. AND sometimes they prefer to be the one with the words. THAT has been a big shift.
  • Listening deeply – I realized that I had the habit of formulating a response while someone was speaking to me. Balancing the energy of this habit brought up hurt from childhood about being “shushed”. I had to speak up quickly or the opportunity to share would be gone. With a combo of journaling, essential oils, crystals and energy work, I was able to heal that. My psychic ability to listen got BIG.
  • Being vulnerable – vulnerability invites vulnerability. Sometimes I would be waiting for someone else to be more open, so I just went first. I could share my truth and be a safe space for someone else to share theirs. In my marriage, our love deepened because my hubby felt like his request for space (which was a vulnerable one) was honored.

Imagine what being able to speak your truth and listen more deeply could create in your life. Who knew the profound expansion and spiritual awakening that working with the Throat Chakra would create? The truth is that my hubby has just as many words as I do, BUT with the stuff in the way, I was not able to be still and listen so he had space to speak them more easily.