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Do you let yourself wonder about things? Or over time have you become more of a figure it out kind of person. A problem, solving get rid of uncertainty kind of person. I admit that I sometimes can be a let’s get rid of uncertainty kind of person in my personal life. When I do that, I can not hear my intuition at all. Too much thinking, opinions and points of view in the way for me to hear.

What age do think you were when not knowing things made you curious and excited instead of worried or feel stupid?

You may have to go way back perhaps to being really young.

I remember for myself that I stopped wondering about 10. Up until then everything I wondered about led me to discover new things. To ask endless questions. Those discoveries led to other new curiosities that then led to new wonderings and then new discoveries and on and on.
Can you remember that excitement and fun?! I might have been a long time ago.
It is a funny thing how becoming an “adult” can take fun out of the unknown and turn it into something stressful. We need information so that we can decide things and get things done. Those decisions all feel pretty important and every decision we make is impacts everything.
Where do we want to go on vacation? Well how much does it cost? Can we still redo the basement if we do that? If we don’t redo the basement then how much will the house worth when we retire? When did we want to retire again….

What we don’t know in adulthood becomes a problem to solve instead of an opportunity to discover.

Unsurprisingly, if you try to use your intuition in the space of solving something, it is crazy hard to hear (see, know or feel). The space of wondering becomes analyzing and problem solving. Our intuition has to get through our monkey mind and agenda.

This all sounds like bad news, right? It isn’t actually. It is useful to know that the reason your intuition may not have been providing the clarity or insight you have been needing is because it has had to get through all of your junk first.

SO… To better connect with your intuition, try stepping away from all of your important and serious decisions. Instead start with things that don’t actually have any serious repercussions in your mind. So you can wonder and play.

Here are a few fun ways to play. They might seem a bit silly. BUT as you just read above being an “adult” about using your intuition can hinder your ability to hear it so getting back to that childlike curiosity is helpful.

If you are brand spanking new to your own intuition, I recommend taking my test online. We can chat about the results. It helps to understand how your body interprets intuitive messages BEFORE you play these games.

Game #1
Psychic Hide and Go Seek

  1. Choose an object and have someone hide it for you.
  2. Best to choose an object that you have a connection to such as keys or a piece of jewelry or a favorite sweater.
  3. When your friend or family member hide it, best to start inside with a single room. You are just getting started.
  4. Practice wondering where it is. Say out loud “I wonder where ____ could be?”
  5. Use paper and pen to draw where it could be. See if you get colors or textures. Draw it the way you see or sense it.
  6. Walk around the place it is hidden. See if your body gets tugs.
  7. REMEMBER Seeking is actually more important than finding.

Game #2
What’s In the Bag 

  1. Take 3 paper sacks and put a single item in each one. You can see the items beforehand or not. Then turn your back and have a friend mix up the bags.
  2. One at a time be with each bag and ask “I Wonder which item or what item is in that bag?”
  3. Do you see things? Use paper and pen to draw what it is. See if you get colors or textures. Draw it the way you see or sense it.
  4. **Do you hear words? Out loud tell your friend what you hear about what is in the bag.
  5. **Do you tend to know things? Just out loud tell your friend what you know about what is in the bag.
  6. **Do you get a feeling about things? Touch the top of the bag and see what impressions you get. Say out loud what you are feeling?

Game #3
I Wonder Which One

  1. Which Elevator – Next time you are in front of a bank of elevators ask “I wonder which one will open first?” Then go stand in front of that elevator and see. Did you know which one? Did you feel one more than another? Did you hear 2nd on the right? Did one look like the one more than the others?
  2. What is the color of the car behind you? Is a Man or Woman driving? I wonder.
  3. Which waitress is going to wait on us? I wonder.
  4. Who will be the first person to text me tomorrow? I wonder? How is the movie going to end?
  5. I wonder who will win the ball game tomorrow?

The more you play the easier it becomes to recognize how your intuition communicates with you. The wonder translates into knowing, hearing, seeing or feeling. When you are free from the seriousness of making important decisions, your brain can relax so you can just listen.

Give these a try and Please let me know how they went.
I wonder what you will learn about your intuition.
I wonder how much fun you can have escaping the seriousness of being an adult.
I wonder how else you will use your intuition when you let go of figuring it all out.