What you focus on grows.

Where is your focus?

My focus for the last week has been on being tired. Due to all that I have on my plate personally and a long to do list for business, I was freaking tired.

This last week, I found myself in a low spot. A good friend asked me a question this morning. “What is right about this? What is right about all of it?”

This is what came to my awareness. I was saying I was tired and busy, but was I? Or, was I just telling myself that? This context and reflection was so powerful. I was creating my own reality by what I was focusing on.

Have you ever noticed that when one thing happens, it can start a little snowball of more of it happening? This could be a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on the context, and that shifts what you focus on. If you spill your coffee carrying it to the car and the context becomes about that coffee starting the day off as a bad day, then that focus leads towards the rest of the day being bad. This one incident can escalate into no parking, bad cell service, and someone cutting you off in traffic.

The alternative would be thinking that when the coffee spills, you were supposed to skip coffee that morning. No parking? That little walk to the office means more exercise and then … on … and on …

All week I had been focused on “how can I not be tired?” The more I shouldn’t be something, the more it seemed that I was. It lead to carbs, coffee and grouchier me. Everything felt like a slog. Email. Phone calls. Interactions with my hubby.

Instead I started to focus on the context that was  “tiredness is a sign to rest”. My focus went from fixing and avoiding to generosity with myself and self care. So I slept in a little, drank more water, took extra B12 and B complex, meditated and got some sun.

We will find evidence for the context we focus on.

Where is your focus? What is the context of your relationships? What is the context of your health? What is the context of your money? What is the context of your life?

The context is decisive. It will determine in which direction you are focused.