We have all experienced the benefits of “Pay It Forward” at one time or another. It feels so fantastic to go through the drive thru and pay for the coffee for the car behind (or to find out your coffee was covered by the person in front of your in line), to pay for a meal for a young couple as they eat dinner or to pay a bill for someone who is not expecting it.

I have been the giver, but also the receiver of some fun Pay It Forward moments and felt honored and excited that someone would choose me to be the recipient.

The last several times I have Paid It Forward for someone to have a great moment, I realized that I was a bit numb to the process … kind of like it was just something I had gotten into the habit of doing … not like it was coming from my heart and a place of true joy and love. 

As I became aware of this feeling, I decided I would start to take more notice to the world around me and see if there was a better way for me to Pay It Forward. Quite quickly, I began to find my way of providing value to others didn’t have to be a monetary gift, but it could also be the gift of my time or my energy. 

Recently I was at the hospital and saw someone who was in the family living room sobbing. Instead of tiptoeing around her, I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if I could give her a hug. She clung to me and expressed deep appreciation for being seen. It wasn’t a big gift, but it was the gift she needed in the moment.  

As I opened by heart, I began to have more opportunities to Pay It Forward … through kindness, love, acceptance and giving. 

Any way of paying it forward is amazing … take a few minutes and post about how you are paying it forward during this season of giving, or a story about when you were involved in a Pay It Forward in the past and how it felt.  It will be fun to share, and hopefully inspire someone else in this community to do the same.