When I first learned about how energy works and how it flows all around and through us, it explained so much of my experience. Then I learned how much energy I was absorbing from others. OMG. No frigging wonder I had a racing mind and spent time overwhelmed. So I dedicated myself to learning how to release the energy that I pick up. When I was finally clear, it was so freeing. My body would feel light, I would be calm, and my mind would be clear.

If you are still uncertain how to release others’ energy, check out this video.

The second thing I learned about energy was about how certain physical environments affected me as well. Both how some environments created a peaceful and quiet space for me and how some spaces felt intense and overwhelming to me. So then I knew I needed to learn how to clear physical spaces as well.

When I talk about clearing your space, some clients immediately relate to physical objects. It might conjure up for you Marie Kondo-ing your home. You might also think about something like purging paperwork from your desktop or piles of old files from the basement. It might look like clearing clutter from your closet or fixing broken items. Even removing the things in your space that you don’t like or that related to an old part of your life.

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For others clearing space will likely require noticing a too full schedule or doing too much. If you tend to burn the candle at both ends (you know who you are), clearing space might look like canceling or rescheduling appointments so you can have some solitude or silence. Go for a float. Take a nap. Go for a walk in nature. To give yourself some space to not draw in energy from others

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Yet for others clearing space might automatically relate to energetic space. Meaning taking the time to do a ceremony or ritual to shift energy in a room/home or in the body. You may see a healer. You might burn herbs. You might do a blessing.

If there is too much disorder in our world (whatever that looks like, feels like, sounds like to you uniquely), it can create an experience of being distracted. In a state of distraction it is hard to hear the subtle voice of our intuition. for you, clearing your space is likely the thing that will make a difference.

One of my unique gifts is being able to help guide people to what is gunking up their space whether it is in the mind body or physically in the room. If you need help with this, please reach out to me. I am a resource and I have resources.