Feeling Stressed or Anxious? You are not alone!

I noticed a trend this week. It was happening with everyone and even myself. We all kept thinking that the symptoms of stress we were experiencing like exhaustion, fear, sadness, anxiousness, and a constantly racing mind were 100% based on circumstances.

Our logical minds kept saying look at what is happening in the world.

I mean our stress is because the world is crazy right now. DUH?!

But what if all the stress you have been experiencing this week, is not entirely yours. Consider the following (or remember):

Everything is energy?

Our thoughts… made up of energy.

Our feelings… energy.

The sensations in our body… some come from energy.

But other people’s thoughts and emotions are also energy. When we as energetic and intuitive beings are connecting to others (even the collective), we pick up on other people’s energies. SO… all this stress swirling around inside of you. It isn’t all yours.

This video is a shortened version of how I help people clear out what is not theirs. Remember that when you clear out what is not yours, it leaves you free to process your own emotions, stress, and mind chatter. Hard to process what it not yours.

Please give this a try. Let me know if you have questions. Please share this with others if you think it would help. Bright blessings to you and STAY WELL!!