The more self aware we become the more we notice and pay attention to how we are from one moment to the next. If we don’t feel well or notice that we are caught up in a negative inner dialogue or are in a crummy mood that we can’t seem to kick, we will likely try to remember what food we ate that morning or review the conversations we had or probably spend some time trying to analyze why we feel or are thinking the way we are.

It can even seem obvious to assume that how we are feeling or what we are thinking about is directly related to our external circumstances. However, what about those times when we are in a great place (mentally, physically or emotionally) and then suddenly we feel terrible? Like we are in a good mood humming through our day and then it is like a dark cloud parks itself over our head all the sudden.

For my unique Intuitive Blueprint, I am a Mind intuitive. How my intuition connects to the outside world and therefore how outside energy tends to affect me is mentally focused. I notice that after I am with certain people, what I am thinking about changes. I know. That might seem obvious. It is stronger than just a conversation that shifted what I am thinking about.

For example, after I spent time with my dad, I would often feel suspicious or hyper vigilant. Like driving away from dinner my irritation with drivers around me would be increased. My brain would almost be locked into a pattern where I was feeling kinda screwed over or about to be screwed over. It would stick with me for a few days afterwards.

Now something to know about me is that I tend towards optimism. I love people. I also trust and listen to my intuition. Being suspicious is actually out of character for me. As I identified these out of character thoughts and feelings, I had to ask. Where the heck did this shit come from? The answer was not from me.

So let me pause a moment and have you consider the following. From a scientific perspective the whole cosmos is energy with a bit of matter in it. We are the same. If the majority of the universe is made up of energy (either vibrating particles or particles about to vibrate), it includes all of our nerves in our bodies, the neural pathways in our brains, and the chemicals that are our emotions. SO if part of intuition is picking up the energy of others, it isn’t that far of a jump to imagine that sometimes we are holding onto the energy of others. We forget to give it back. The energy of others can look like those thoughts I had after hanging with my dad. It can also look like emotions.

I worked with a woman Dana who had been feeling irritated and angry for the better part of a year. When she looked at her life, it made no sense. She had a great life. A loving family, a thriving business and due to some changes in her routine was the healthiest she had been in years. Add to that her typically upbeat and chill personality it made the way she was feeling really confusing to her. She had spoken with a mental health professional to make sure. The therapist actually introduced us.

She is a Heart Intuitive so emotionally orientated in her experience of energy. When we examined her feelings from an energetic lense, she got permission to stop making herself wrong for feeling that way. Instead she wondered where is this energy coming from?

After a long conversation, she realized it was related to her sister. Her sister had gone through a bad divorce two years ago. Dana had zero energetic boundaries. She was like a big ol emotional sponge. Regularly she read texts, and had phone calls with her sister. Each engagement she would take on the understandable irritation and anger her sister was feeling about the divorce. The first step was clearing that energy. The next blog talks a bit about how to clear out energy. The second step was recognizing how to have some boundaries. Dana made sure she took time after every call to check in and see how she felt. Taking the time to identify what was hers and what was actually the energy of her sister.

Energetic awareness has been an essential part of my Intuitive Development from my point of view. The more open and receptive that I become the more my thoughts, moods, emotions, and even the sensations in my body are intuitive communications.

I invite you to continue to ask yourself when you notice thoughts, emotions or experiences in your body that seem out of alignment with who you – Where Did This Come From? Could it be energy that I picked up from someone or somewhere? Would I be willing to release it or let it go?

As you become more deeply connected to your intuition, you will naturally become more connected to energy. Meaning you will become more open and receptive. As you gain greater access to your authentic and true self, energetic awareness and the practices for clearing will help you operate from an empowered place