Taking Stock Journal Exercise

Feel free to use this exercise anytime during the year. I find it especially helpful near end of year or project.
You may be the same. For me the end of the year or even the end of project usually has me thinking to what is next. I am ready to start kicking creation into high gear. However, let me tell you about my friend Katie. During various times of the year, she will take stock of where she is in the moment both from the perspective of where she has come from (accomplishment or failure) as well as where she wants to go (future growth).
It is an awesome practice that I adopted (thanks Katie). When I do it, I find it useful. A couple of things I have learned adopting this practice. First, failing at something is not indicative of “being a failure”. Actually, it is indicative of being up to something. Failures can teach us SO MUCH about what works or ultimately what could work instead. The second thing is it useful to take time to acknowledge the accomplishments big and small. When I am faced toward the future and the next thing to achieve, I don’t remember to pause and give myself a high five. “Atta girl. That worked. Do more of that.”

So I wanted to share with you the questions I used as journal prompts to do this reflective process. I did mine a couple days ago after my morning yoga.

Where have I put my attention and focus in 2018? 
Did you focus on health or relationships? Did you focus on healing or resolving old patterns? Did you focus on adopting new habits? Travel, work, personal or professional relationships etc.

How have I grown in those areas (or area) based on where I am right now? [Do your best to capture all ways you have grown. Be as specific as you can]

Where or how did I get stuck or simply what didn’t work? [Try to again look at the big picture versus just the details and specifics. Saying what didn’t work isn’t about chastising yourself or feeling like a failure. It is about identifying for you what tried or what you were going to try but didn’t and perhaps why you got stuck in the first place.]

Are these still areas I want to be focused on? If yes, what actions could I take today to have further growth by the end of the year and beyond? If no, what could you be focused on now?

As an additional note, like you when I decide to focus on something it is in alignment with who I am and what I am up to. We change though. Right? So what was once in alignment could very potentially be out of alignment. Give yourself permission to consider switching energy and focus.

What insights did you have? I totally would love to hear. Hit reply and share if you would like.