(Image by StockSnap from Pixabay)

Have you ever been with someone or in a situation where you just feel yuck, but you aren’t sure why? There are times when the energy of someone else can just seep and creep into you without knowing it.

As an intuitive, toxic vibes … they just make me BLEH! I think an effective way to manage all the energy coming at me is to better recognize my own energy from others and practice returning energy that isn’t mine.

One thing you can do is to spend less time trying figure out whether another person’s energy is toxic and instead simply focus on “Is it mine” or “Is it someone else’s”. It is helpful to get specific too. Is the feeling icky emotional, physical or mental (like recurring thoughts or judgements or just a racing mind). What are you letting go of?

If it isn’t yours, go ahead send it back. No really. If it isn’t yours. Don’t hold on to it. Now here is how you return it.

When you send it back, all you say is “Return to sender.” Keep saying that until the feeling, thought or emotion disappears entirely or just lessens in intensity. Keep saying it. “Return to sender” as many times as needed.

Not sure if it worked? Here are a couple of extra pointers. If you are more a more visual person, mentally picture that the energy that isn’t yours is a color. Make it as vivid and ugly as possible. With every exhale, see that color flowing out of you. If you are a more physical person, as you say “Return to sender” flick your hands. Kinda like if you just washed your hands and couldn’t find a towel. Flick them in front of you. When you send it back, say, “Return to sender.” If you still feel it, try imagining and saying, “Return to sender” several times. If you are an auditory, make sure to say “Return to Sender” out loud and exhale in a loud way.

Remember ‘energy’ can show up as physical sensations, illness, dis-ease, emotions, thoughts, beliefs or even mood. So…you have a headache? Is the energy of the headache (as in what caused it) yours or someone else’s?

Are in a terrible mood? Is the energy of that “mood” yours or someone else’s?

Been frustrated at your spouse for a couple of days? Is the energy of frustration yours or someone else’s?

Does it matter whose energy it is? No.

What difference does it make? Just send it back. The point is that it is not yours.

This is not finders keepers … icky energy is something you don’t want to keep!