Living in a technologically connected and fast paced world might seem incompatible or even at odds with ancient spiritual traditions. The mystical. I don’t think so though. Perhaps it is because I walk the path or journey of the Modern Mystic. You might wonder what a Modern Mystic is. First let’s look at how Merriam-Webster dictionary defines each of those words “Modern” and “Mystic” individually.

Definition of Mystic:

  • A follower of a mystical way of life. 
  • Believer in the mysterious –  Mysterious being something that creates wonder, curiosity, or surprise while baffling efforts to comprehend or identify

Definitions of Modern:

  • Involving recent techniques, methods or ideas a.k.a. “Up To Date”

Taking these definitions into consideration, we can define a Modern Mystic as someone who brings a connection to the mysterious into daily life. What might a day in a Modern Mystics life look like? Probably a lot like a regular day for anyone else, but with a bit of extra.

In their homes, Modern Mystics decorate things to their liking and taste just like anyone else would. They might consult a feng shui chart to optimize their health, wealth and happiness. In the money corner of their living room, they put a little fountain or an aquarium to keep the flow going. On their bedside tables, just like yours, are cell phone cords, books they enjoy, perhaps an essential oil or two plus a chunk of rose quartz to help with peaceful sleep. 

They wake up and get ready for their day just like everyone else. They brew coffee, open important emails, kiss their loved ones. They open their calendars to see where they are going for the day. They also pull a few Tarot cards to get a heads up about one particularly important meeting.

When they head out for their day, before they drive off, they make sure they have everything they need – lunch, purse, and those important papers for a meeting. They check in with their intuition to make sure there isn’t anything else they need. 

At the end of their work day, to release stress, they head to the gym – just like many do. When they sit in the steam room after the workout, they meditate and ask their guides how to have greater ease in their work. They dab lavender essential oil on their palms and the back of their neck to help shift their brain chemistry.The energy of lavender is also gentle and stress relieving.

Perhaps you are like other Modern Mystics. You might be someone who finds deep meaning and practical purpose in learning more about the spiritual world and bringing that wisdom and meaning into everyday life. You might be like me and use technology to help you deepen your connection. Apps like – “Calm” “Headspace” “The Pattern” or using the internet to find moon calendars or bloggers who teach ancient wisdom or… You get the idea. Technology has helped me feel more connected. 

A Modern Mystic embraces the modern world of apps, social media and digital calendars while he or she works with ancient traditions that resonate. A Modern Mystic might be called to learn about Chakras. Tarot cards or pendulums pique curiosity. Trance mediums, monks who practice deep meditation or astral projection, make them wonder “what if”. 

As a Modern Mystic I know that the more I learn the more curious I am and continue to add special elements to my day that create a deeper meaning and connection. Go wherever your curiosity leads you. Find and bring the Woo To the Everyday.