I was recently with a group of friends. There was a non-woo present who didn’t necessarily understand what we meant when we said “Spiritual Awakening.” If you have had one, you would know, right? 

Not necessarily. Based on what she shared with us, it sounded like she was smack dab in the middle of one. After we shared our own spiritual awakening experiences, she said ‘thank you’. It made her feel less alone. Everything in her world had been turned inside out and upside down over a series of months. Job ended. Relationship ended. Kiddo went off to college. She had just sold her home and relocated. I shared with her that sometimes these wild rides can nudge us in a new direction. She shared that this did not feel like a nudge but more like a 2×4 to the head. Phew. I know that experience. 

My spiritual awakenings have each looked different. There were some that brought me clarity of vision about my future. The moment I met my husband. The trajectory of life shifted. There was excitement and joy. But just like my friend, not all my moments of awakening have been blissful. Have you ever seen a video of a plane touching down without landing gear? Yea not fun. Had a spiritual awakening like that in 2005. Right afterward was the moment I began Simple Spirit. 18 years ago this month. It is a wild story. The experience left my ego more than a bit bruised. The kind of experience where you have to reinvent yourself and how you view the world. 

Can we predict when our next awakening is going to happen? Do we want to?

Maybe you would like to know when a major change is coming? I will share that based on all 2023 is bringing change.  I tend to trust that everything is going to change. Focus my inner work on being more patient and understanding with my ego, who only likes the change that she generates. Likely if you are on my newsletter list, you know that I am into all the things. I have had my Natal Astrological Chart run and interpreted both Vedic and Western varieties. I have studied my Enneagram type – 2w3. Have had my human design body graph run and interpreted – 6/2 Manifestor. 

These things are all just tools. The information they provide can be helpful but also limiting. If the tool doesn’t fit, move on to something that provides insight for where you want to be. Fortunately, our spiritual journey changes us, and as we change our spiritual pathway also shifts, so tools that were “go-to” tools in the past might feel irrelevant now.

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