In January of 2020, I went to a week long membership conference for a professional organization. They were rolling out the philosophy of their work. Defining their teachings philosophically, it changed the organization’s approach to how they were going to expand their work in the world. What I learned lingered in my mind as I began to write my book. Writing a book requires stepping back for a birds eye view and then zooming in really close on the details. The experience has been both fun and at times overwhelming. I was feeling a little bit stuck.
So I worked with a fellow intuitive. I had been wondering what the connection was between Simple Spirit’s purpose and my own journey. She helped me find that connection. I have been very focused on the mechanics of how intuition works. It is the primary message in the book. Developing the Intuitive Blueprint test has been the most direct way to demystify how intuition works. As I have gotten deeper into the book, I have realized that the mechanics of intuition is one portion of how I live intuitively. To be able to rely on intuition, you first need to be able to recognize how it works and then connect with it intentionally. However, Jennifer’s work helped me see that like the organization, whose membership conference I attended, I needed to examine the philosophical approach I have had to intuition overall.
Quite literally, the term “philosophy” means, “love of wisdom.” In a broad sense, philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other. Definition from
Here is what I learned. I live intuitively. The definition of living intuitively for me is the act of applying intuition practically in everyday life. Duh right?! I know there are others who live this way too thank goodness. But in examining my fundamental truths and my relationship to the world, I realized that for those who don’t live intuitively, it is a big change to make. 
Anytime we want to live differently and have it stick, we often need to adopt new practices, beliefs, habits, and learn new ways of thinking. So I identified what I see to be the 5 Keys for Living Intuitively. 

They are: Ground, Clear, Connect, Trust and Align


Our body is the transmitter of energy and the translator of intuition. When we are not grounded and centered in our bodies, we have a hard time hearing our intuition. The outside world and our own thoughts and feelings become noisy. Plus when we aren’t present the subtle cues of our intuition get misinterpreted.

The focus of this key is to practice the following: Quieting the mind, calming the emotions and connecting with our body.


If you take the case that 80% of the universe is made up of energy from a physics perspective (not just a woo woo concept), you can see that our thoughts, feelings, and bodies are made up of energy. Meaning our moods, beliefs, and even how our body is feeling is Energy. When we can learn to work with energy, it will shift our moods, beliefs, and how we feel.

The focus of this key is to learn: How the energy that makes up the universe is in and all around us. You can learn to easily identify your own energy. Once you recognize how it looks, feels, and moves, you can learn to release what doesn’t belong to you and draw to you the energy of what truly you desire.


Just about every person I have ever met has a story or two about how their intuition told them something. Some of the stories are about how this undeniable communication came through and they listened. Many of the stories though are about how they didn’t understand what was happening. They didn’t identify in that moment that it was intuition talking to them. The random thought. The weird feeling. How something looked wrong. How what that person said seemed out of the ordinary. It got disregarded, because it didn’t make any sense.  When we don’t understand how our intuition works or how to work with our intuition intentionally, it is confusing and our connection to it as a practical tool is non-existent.

The focus of this key is to learn how your intuition works and then practice:  Restore your ability to use your intuition. You can get insight about people and circumstances. You can find deeper understanding, and even receive guidance about which options in front of you are most aligned with your goals. Ultimately, you restore having access to your own inner knowing at any moment.


You and I were born intuitive. We recognized easily as young children what felt good and what didn’t. Though to fit in, we were required to learn some rules. Mostly those rules were about what is allowed or appropriate and what was not allowed or considered inappropriate. You might have gotten this training from your family or at school. For me, I learned a lot of these rules from my early religious training and observing how I was different from my peers.
When I began to rely on the rules to tell me how to believe or what to do, it eroded my trust in myself. Why would I trust a subtle voice or a feeling that came from within me if it was telling me to do something that was in direct opposition to the “training” I received? It took transformational education, lots of books, and many other tools to help me learn to trust myself again. 
The other work there is to do in the 4th key of Living Intuitively is to identify and heal trauma we have experienced and wounding we have. When we are triggered, our focus is to not be hurt again. It is challenging to distinguish intuition versus our fight-flight response. If you feel distrustful of someone, is it because you have a wound about trusting people OR is it your intuition throwing up a red flag? Getting support to heal and in some cases restore your ability to regulate your nervous system will be needed to restore your trust in yourself and perhaps the world at large.

The focus of this key is to invite you into deep inner reflection and discovery:  Healing the wounds that keeps you from trusting yourself. Restoring your trust in others begins to give you a world where you can find support with people (friends, family, community) and in the spiritual realm (guides, ancestors, angels and beings of light). 


Amazingly, intuition can help you discover, connect to, and then be guided by your soul’s purpose. Your intuition can help you see when you are in alignment or out of alignment with this truth of who you are. Ultimately, when we are in alignment we can access not only our deepest truths but the deepest wisdom of the universe.

The focus of this key is to help you: Use your intuition to get clarity on your life’s purpose. When you get clear on your life’s purpose, you can use intuition to co-create with the Universe (source, God or Divine) and to experience being fully alive.

So what next?

Intuition can guide you in decision making. It can help you get insight and understanding. I have used intuition to get information where I was unclear. One thing to know is that when you begin to build the habit of living intuitively, it will not erase all challenges. It also won’t negate your intellect or education or experience. Instead your intuitive connection will help you more successfully navigate all that life can throw at you using all of the gifts and knowledge you have at your disposal.
To begin your intuitive living journey, I recommend taking the Intuitive Blueprint Test