I have had at least 8 conversations in the last month where a friend or client said “being sensitive sucks”. So… I hope this helps.
There are times I say things to clients. In the moment I say it, some part of me recognizes that it isn’t just meant for them. The words are meant for me too. Maybe not in that moment but later. Those words come from Source, my guides or the deeper wisdom that I can connect to.
Words from Source that have been echoing back to me as of late are
Awareness is a gift. Sensitivity is a gift. It is needed on the planet right now!!

Likely I shared those words with you. Let me acknowledge intentionally expanding your awareness has a light side as well as a shadow. Being sensitive can show up in your emotions, mood or your body.

The light side is intuition CAN be crazy fun. When you receive guidance, it can be blissful. Even when it comes in unexpected ways. It can also create ease in your daily life. Making decisions, navigating traffic evening knowing what opportunities to go for can be less stressful and easy.

However, I will also acknowledge that there is a shadow side to awareness. When people tell me that being sensitive sucks. This is what they are mostly talking about. Being aware can be a pain in the ass sometimes. There are the mysterious and sudden headaches I get. Or the really terrible moods or thoughts that pop in. When I examine them, I notice they aren’t related to my life at all. The list could go on. Especially if I start to share what clients have told me about their experiences with sensitivity.

All of what I just said, might have you wonder why I encourage people to expand their awareness and talk about sensitivity like a gift? WTH Shoshanna??

The better question in my opinion is:
How do I continue to be sensitive without it causing anxiety or perpetual sadness and without needing to hermit myself away from people?

While we are not exactly the same, I get how sensitivity and so much potential input can seem overwhelming or scary.My secret is allowance. I have heard it defined as awareness of everything with judgement of nothing. I learned about allowance over the last 10 years. I define allowance as being able to tell the difference between me and other. Recognizing my energy, desires, feelings, emotions and thoughts from other’s energies, desires, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Plus the practice of not only letting go what isn’t mine but also doing that while not diminishing my awareness.

It doesn’t have to be scary, but I have found allowance takes practice. By practice I mean something that you regularly pay attention to and learn. My daily practice is Ground. Clear. Connect. A longer explanation would be helpful, but for the purpose of this letter to you let me just say this.

I recommend starting with being able to recognize your own energy. Notice what makes you come alive and inspires you. Notice where and with whom you feel most at ease. Is meditating something that inspires you? Or is being in a dance class with thumping music and people throwing their bodies through space what has you come alive? Or does creating art help you come alive? See where I am going?? Practice including those things into daily life more often. It will give you greater power to notice your energy.

Start there….

If you need support, I’m here. Obviously, I offer classes, sessions and programs to help you on your path. I also have shared a lot of resources online. Meditations (on soundcloud) and videos (on YouTube) that might help plus some books I would recommend. Sensitivity doesn’t have to suck. I promise.

If you are interested, I am having a retreat in the month of February. The Art of Connection. We will be clearing out old stuff about connection (intuition). We will get you very comfortable with recognizing your own energy when it is grounded, clear and connected and when it isn’t. All things that help you to expand your allowance or recognize your energy from the energy of others. It can help you stay connected to others without losing your center or decreasing your awareness.

If you want more information about the art of connection, check it out here.

If you want to schedule a conversation with me to see how I could support you, book a “Quick Check In” here.