“Trust your intuition, transform your life.” 

“Trust your intuition, transform your life.” 

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How would you live if you were able to avoid costly mistakes?

What if you could see easily how to build a deeply fulfilled and wildly successful life fueled by your superpower?

How would you show up for your business and family with endless clarity and insight in your corner? 

It’s all possible.

Shoshanna teaches you the practical applications to unlock life’s possibilities

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Shoshanna will teach you to harness and master your intuitive gifts.

Shoshanna helps you gain clarity on your purpose that results in profits.

Tools, training, programs, and people to support your life-changing growth.

Experience the Transformation

Meet the intuitive coach, speaker, and consultant behind the leaders making million and billion-dollar decisions.



From seven-figure CEOs, NFL coaches, celebrities, and non-profit leaders to curious people courageous enough to explore a new way of living, Shoshanna connects you to your power and purpose.

Inspiring Words from Past Connections

As a business leader, it’s important for me to stay clear in my mind and have the highest insight to make the best decisions. I tend to be skeptical about intuition, yet I have to say without a doubt that working with Shoshanna has made a remarkable positive impact professionally as well as personally. She has the uncanny ability to see right to the core of any obstacles I’m experiencing and reveal the hidden dynamics that have caused the blocks to greater success and fulfillment.

– Satyen Raja, Founder of WarriorSage.com Training

Shoshanna has exponentially expanded my leadership capabilities for my role in both the workplace and the nonprofit community. I have gone through year-long leadership programs, attended and benefitted from various curricula and methodology but nothing has honed my insights and transformed me the way working with Shoshanna has. 

– Abby Skeans, Co-founder, The Pomona Society

Let Shoshanna show you how to use your intuition
to change the course of your life.

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When I met my first spiritual (non-religious) teachers, I was 18. Seventy miles from home attending college in what felt to me to be the smallest town ever. Greeley, Colorado, which depending on the wind and season, either smelled like the feedlot outside of town on...

The Power of Clearing Space

The Power of Clearing Space

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Energetic Awareness

Energetic Awareness

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Intuition Expert, Life Coach and Psychic

Through her signature Intuitive Decision-Making workshops curated Executive Consulting packages, and an International Clientele, Shoshanna helps CEO’s, NFL Coaches, TV Personalities, Business Owners large and small, and Non-Profit Organizations to generate unpredictable and profound results while developing a deeper connection to their purpose