Dear Human: Love thyself


Love Yourself Dear Human: Love thyself To be able to love others you must love yourself first. How many times have you heard that? Me 1,000s of times. [...]

Dear Human: Love thyself2016-03-23T07:21:23+00:00

Do No Harm doesn’t mean…


Do No Harm (but take no shit) Sound harsh? I have discovered a recurring pattern about myself and many other spiritual people recently. It is a belief that "loving one [...]

Do No Harm doesn’t mean…2016-02-18T07:15:04+00:00

Debunking the myths of Self-Care


Are you busy? You step out of bed and already you are "multi-tasking". Taking a shower and planning your grocery list. Making breakfast while drinking your coffee while [...]

Debunking the myths of Self-Care2015-11-26T07:42:15+00:00

Time to love yourself


I get frustrated with myself sometimes. Do you? Like sometimes I eat pizza instead of a salad. Skip meditation. Ignore my intuition (yes I do that too). Be a jerk. [...]

Time to love yourself2015-07-30T20:49:11+00:00

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